The Importance of Wedding Favours

When you have just absorbed a multitude of costs for your wedding you might begin to ask, is it really that important to give my guests wedding favours? After just forking out a few thousand dollars for a photographer it is normal to take a second look at the to do list. You may suddenly feel reluctant to open your wallet again to take care of the smaller stuff. There are definitely a few smaller items that you can let go if you need! But wedding favours shouldn’t be ones of them, and here’s why.


It’s Tradition

Wedding favours have actually been a long-standing tradition worldwide. Initially they were small items given to guests that symbolised well wishes for the future. Of course these days they have become a little more modern! But nonetheless, the entire concept behind wishing your guests the best for their days ahead is kind of nice when they have just put in some sort of effort to congratulate your happiness.



While we are sure your guests are super excited to celebrate this special day with you, it does also come with a huge amount of effort. Typically a wedding means organising time off work, someone to mind the kids, accommodation, new clothes… you get the point. Its not your regular every weekend-type event. So yes you have already put a lot of effort in to the day, but so have your guests! The polite thing to do is say thank you for coming and in a way they will remember when they wake up the next morning…


Lasting Memories

Another advantage of wedding favours is that it’s a memory of your big day! Come up with something that represents you and your partner so that when your guests look at it they will remember how much fun they had. Stuck for ideas? Here’s a few of our favourites!