Is this the new Wedding Photobooth?

OMG… I’ve just ventured into a new area of live weddings, and I’m obsessed!!!


Character paintings! Is it the new wedding photobooth? Who knows.. but I can say for sure that it’s an absolute hit with guests!


I was lucky to be asked to be part of a wedding recently where I painted the guests throughout the night, as little keepsakes to take home. Sure.. I said… agree now, then learn how and wing it right… ha ha.. my motto all over!


Turns out I’m not too bad at it! And I really enjoy it. I have a few more booked in for next year, so I have a sneaky feeling that this may be a great little addition to my live painting journey!


So what is it exactly?


I turn up, set up my little station and start painting…

wedding photobooth gold coast

Well, first I go around and capture the main people in the wedding, like the grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters. I find them and make them pose for a photo, go back to my table and create little illustrations for them.


During this time, eyes start looking my way… mmm… what’s she up to?


Slowly at first, and then a bit more overwhelming later on, I get guests coming over and asking for their portraits to be taken and drawn, and I do that until I get to my maximum number.

At this stage, I’m averaging about 4/5 an hour, however, this will get quicker very soon, and I aim to create 6 an hour. With this in mind, a 5 hour day would look like 30 couples, whereas a 7-hour day would be around 42. Give or take a few.


I have developed 2 packages based off these times, as I feel like any less time will not cover enough guests. Feel free to check them out here.


The paintings are quick, watercolour sketches based on fashion illustrations. I use quick lines, brush strokes and simple features to keep them lively and quirky.


I’m loving them… what do you think? Something to consider for your next event?






More about the artist.

Hi, I am Poppy, a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for watercolours.

I have been creating for as long as I can remember, and in 2012, opened up iampoppy Designs. I am passionate about helping inspired people bring their creative dreams to life through my art!

From live paintings, watercolour illustrations and portraits, murals right through to surface pattern design, I love getting stuck into so many different projects, keeping me interested, growing and my business ever-changing. The world of a creative!

So please take a look around, and reach out for a chat! Whether it’s print patterns, workshops, live wedding painting or more… I’d love to meet you and hear all about your story!

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