Watercolour map design

There is something so special about watercolour maps. I’ve been in love with them for as long as I can remember, captivated by all the little details, icons and the way it softens the landscape. So naturally, I started offering them in my wedding packages. 

This has now extended to creating custom maps for larger purposed, the QLD Ekka showgirls competition, The Prince wedding venue in NSW, Thunderbird Park  and other venues throughout Australia. These maps can be created on such a large scale, making them ideal for wall hangings, printed murals, blankets and throws, and much more. 

Got Questions?

Thats totally fine. Some manufacturers will require these files, and I’m happy to oblige. The designs are not to be changed, however, as stipulated in my terms and conditions. 

It is different for each design, depending on scale and also complexity. However I usually allow 1-2 months for a full map design. 

I have a selection of maps all ready to go, which you can view below. To purchase, simply fill out the contact form below with your desired design and I will organise the rest. 

Quite a lot really. I am happy to change fonts, text, icons and placement as well as map colour. The basics of the map will remain the same.

Pre made design

Print ready file of a preexisting design
$ 440
  • PDF, JPEG and PNG File
  • Ready to add to your project or website
  • Text changes available

Semi Custom Map

Print ready Pre existing design with custom changes to suit your needs
$ 880
  • PDF, JPEG and PNG File
  • Colour changes and additional icons
  • Text and font changes available

Custom Map

Full custom design
$ 2200
  • PDF, JPEG and PNG File
  • Files in large format for walls, banners
  • Lifetime license

Get your hands on a watercolour map...

Pre Made designs