Prints and Patterns for license

A collection of hand painted Print and Pattern designs for use in your brand and on your products.

Bringing art into your brand so you can see your creative dreams come to life, and feel proud or your products.

Register for the Exclusive Pattern Library

To search for exclusive designs that you can use within your business or project, simply register below to gain access to the exclusive library of pattern designs. 

Registration is FREE. 

Designs from the print pattern library can be used on a variety of products...





wallpaper and furnishings

Wall art

Branding and packaging

Web graphics

yoga mats/water bottles

and heaps more…


How they are created

Each pattern is painted with watercolours and digitalised to create gorgeous designs which can be printed in a perfect repeat. 

How to purchase

If you love the pattern just how it is, then simply purchase using the online shop. Once payment has gone through, I will contact you with a contract to sign, and then send over the files you need. 

If you need to modify the scale or colour at all,  let me know so that I can create the perfect files for your project.

Customising the Design

All the designs available can be customised to suit your brand. Once we have made the relevant changes, we will send you out the invoice and design contract, and the design is all yours to use. 


What to expect

To create your own custom design, simply contact me to set up a meeting/call.

Once we nut out the design ideas, I will present you with a mood board and some initial design concepts. 

I then create the design, which we can amend up to 3 times (additional amendments may incur extra costs)

Once your design is finalised, you will receive all the files you need, ready to use on your products. 

Don’t forget to share your creations as I love seeing my clients visions come to life!  

Contracts and all that jazz

To protect you and me, all designs come with a design contract which will need to be signed before any designs can be exchanged. All designs are fully exclusive with a life time license to you within your brand. 

Seeing your design vision

Many of the designs within my collections come with beautiful mock ups of how the design can be used. If you have a particular product you would like to see the design on, let me know and I can create a mock up for you, so you can feel confident knowing the design will be perfect for you. 

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