What is so special about a Mural?

A bit of science for you…Creativity relieves stress. Murals bring creativity into the everyday environment, which has been shown to have positive benefits socially and culturally, as well as having positive benefits for mental health.

It has also been researched that areas with murals are less likely to suffer from crime of opportunity, as the area is deemed ‘cared for’, enhancing public safety!

These are just some of the many positives to having a mural painted. It’s amazing to think of how important art and design can be for the world.

The process

– We discuss design ideas and styling, with you sharing images and inspiration you have.
– I will then create a drawing of what the mural will look like, either in sketch form or full colour. You are able to make 2 changes to this design, any further changes will be charged accordingly. This is billed before the process, and is non refundable. (designing and sketching ideas takes up many hours of research and idea generation)
– I will then book out a week or more to create your design, with a 50% deposit due 2 weeks before we start painting.
– Once we commence, I spend a day or more transfering the design to the wall. Depending on the detail of the design, this can be free hand or transfered with a projector.
– I then begin painting, which will take a week or more depending on the size if the wall, the detail in the design and the height of the wall.
– Once I am near completion, the final balance is due, so that once I complete the wall, we are all happy to skip away happily and fulfilled!
– I use different paints depending on the jobs, but these can include wall paint, outdoor paint, non stick paint and acrylic artist paints.
– I will film the process with timelapse, and you are welcome to have a copy to show off on your social media and to friends. Please make sure to tag me @iampoppydesigns in all your sharing.

– Yay! and you now have a wicked cool mural to brag about! 🙂

 For more information or to enquire about getting your own mural,

shoot me an email and we can chat designs. yay… exciting!

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