A great idea for not only a wedding keepsake, but as live entertainment for your wedding guests. Have your wedding day brought to life by watercolour paintings of your ceremony and/or reception with my live wedding painting.

What to expect

– You can choose what you would like me to paint. Ceremony, Reception or First dance. Or both Ceremony and Reception. 

– I will arrive 1-2 hours prior to the ceremony time to set up, and start painting the backgrounds to the areas chosen. All I will need is a small table, chair, and umbrella if out in full sun. I provide all paints, canvas, etc. 

– Once the guests arrive, I will continue with the paintings including all the guests and any additional details you would like. They can mingle while I paint, they are also welcome to come up, have a chat and immerse themselves in the process. It can be really entertaining for guests to not only see a painting come to life, but also to see themselves being painted.

– I will also take photos at this time, to ensure that i can complete the paintings properly. 

– Once you and/or your guests move onto another area, I will follow and complete my painting in view of your guests there. Whether it’s the ceremony or reception. 

– I will be painting on Canvas, primed for watercolours, so that they are ready to hang once they are complete. You can have 1-2 paintings depending on the areas chosen. 

– I do have options of high quality watercolour paper too. 

– I will take all the paintings home, to finalise any last touches, and make sure they are sealed and ready to hang. 

– I will then courier them to your chosen address. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about my live wedding painting service, feel free to contact me for a chat.

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