I started my Live Event Painting in 2019, as an experiment into something unique to offer my couples. A different approach to capturing the ceremony, other than photography, and it immediately became a hit. I have since been painting at weddings since then, and the response has been amazing.

A great idea for not only a wedding or party keepsake, but as live entertainment for your guests. Have your day brought to life by watercolour paintings of your special memories, which will be treasured for generations.

What to expect

– You can choose what you would like me to paint. For parties I mostly offer 1 painting, creating a mash up of events throughout the day/night. For your wedding, you can choose either Ceremony, Reception or First dance. Or both Ceremony and Reception. 

– I will arrive 1 hour prior to the event/ceremony time to set up, and start painting the backgrounds to the areas chosen. All I will need is a small table, chair, and umbrella if out in full sun. I provide all paints, canvas, etc. 

– Once the guests arrive, I will continue with the paintings including all the guests and any additional details you would like. They can mingle while I paint, they are also welcome to come up, have a chat and immerse themselves in the process. It can be really entertaining for guests to not only see a painting come to life, but also to see themselves being painted.

– I will also take photos at this time, to ensure that i can complete the paintings properly. 

– Once you and/or your guests move onto another area, I will follow and complete my painting in view of your guests there. Whether it’s the ceremony or reception. 

– I will be painting on Canvas, primed for watercolours, so that they are ready to hang once they are complete. You can have 1-2 paintings depending on the areas chosen. 

– I do have options of high quality watercolour paper too. 

– I will take all the paintings home, to finalise any last touches, and make sure they are sealed and ready to hang. 

– I will then courier them to your chosen address. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about my live event painting , feel free to contact me for a chat.