Live character paintings

Weddings are such a great opportunity for family and friends to get together and spend a quality time together. Finding fun and unique ways to create memories and entertainment can be challenging, but not anymore! 

Live character drawings is an amazing way to entertain your guests while also giving them a gift they can cherish, to thank them for spending their day celebrating you and your partner. 

Super unique, quirky and a small pice of art that captures the guest in a watercolour illustrative style, which can be framed and cherished for years to come. 


Meet the Artist!

I’m Poppy, the artist behind the Live character paintings. 

I have been painting for over 20 years, studying illustration at university in the UK. 

Being able to capture a person in a quick 10 minute sketch is no easy feat, but having background in illustration and character drawing, together with my live wedding experience makes the perfect combination. 

I love being able to offer guests their own mini artworks and love watching them delight in seeing themselves come to life on the paper. 

Mini Package

  • 3 hours
  • Approx 15 character paintings
  • A5 watercolour paintings presented in a cellophane sleeve
  • Event name printed on each painting
  • *perfect for Elopements and small parties.

Deluxe Package

  • 6 hours
  • Approx 30 character paintings
  • A5 watercolour paintings presented in a cellophane sleeve
  • Event name printed on each painting
  • *perfect for wedding, corporate events and parties

Got Questions?

What do you paint with?

I paint in either watercolour on high quality watercolour paper.

How big are the paintings?

I create A5 paintings, which are half an A4 page. 

How long will the painting take to complete?

I aim to complete each character painting in 10 minutes. This averages around 6 per hour, which includes couples. I tend to limit to couple paintings to allow more guests to have their paintings done.


Can we request certain people to be painted?

Sure. I try to start my time by painting the main guests, such as parents of the couple, siblings and grandparents. I then move onto a first come first serve bases.

Do we need to pose for 10 minutes?

Not at all. I know weddings and parties are busy times, and spending 10 minutes standing still to pose can be daunting and not for everyone. Therefore I take a quick photo and complete the painting at my desk, and deliver to the couple once complete.

Do I need to provide any equipment?

Just a small table and access to a power point. I provide all the paper, paints and have my own light. A table where guests can come up and see the paintings and pose for their photos is ideal.