Interview with a Live Wedding Painter: Insights from the Easel

Can you describe your artistic style and approach to live wedding painting?  Sure, i would say my artistic style is ever evolving, but i try to capture the likeness of the couple and surroundings, but use larger strokes to maintain the brush details. I try and get looser with every wedding, and sometimes I’m really […]

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should I chat to the live painter

Should I chat to the live painter?

Should I chat to the live painter, or do they prefer to be left to paint? When it comes to weddings, couples often invest a significant amount of time and money in selecting the right vendors to create their dream wedding. One such vendor that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the live […]

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live wedding paintings throughout history

A look back into the history of live wedding paintings

The history of live wedding paintings Wedding paintings have been around for centuries, and they have undergone significant changes over time. From traditional portraits to modern live painting, the evolution of wedding painting reflects the changing attitudes and values of society towards art and marriage. Traditional Wedding Portraits Traditionally, wedding portraits were commissioned as oil […]

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is this the new wedding photobooth 2023

Is this the new Wedding Photobooth?

OMG… I’ve just ventured into a new area of live weddings, and I’m obsessed!!!   Character paintings! Is it the new wedding photobooth? Who knows.. but I can say for sure that it’s an absolute hit with guests!   I was lucky to be asked to be part of a wedding recently where I painted […]

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ibaia new live wedding painter

Meet Ibaia: Our New Live Wedding Painter

Meet Ibaia, our new live wedding painter.     Last December I had a client accidentally book the wrong date for her sister’s wedding, and once we realised, I was already booked out for the correct date.     It was not a fun process trying to find another painter to fill in, or trying to […]

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hayman island luxury event

Hayman Island Luxury Event

I started off my month in the best way possible, enjoying champagne on a luxury yacht, heading to an exclusive island to enjoy more champagne, a bath under the stars and a night in a very luxurious hotel.. and the best part? I was paid for it! I know, I’m gloating! I am fully aware, […]

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watercolour versus acrylic paint

Watercolour versus Acrylic Paint

Watercolour versus Acrylic paint; which option suits your wedding best?   I am often asked this question by couples who have booked a live wedding painting. They want to know which is better, watercolour or acrylic paints and which option they should choose. There is no right answer to this, so I’ve decided to provide […]

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live wedding painting intercontinental sanctuary cove

Live Wedding Painting at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove: Daniella & Julian Grima

A Fairytale Live Wedding Painting at the Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove   I was asked to paint at Daniella and Julian’s wedding close to a year before the event. With Covid still looming, it was a bit touch and go before Daniella had the confidence to book, knowing the wedding would definitely go ahead. I was […]

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does a live wedding painting suit your personal style

How to Decide if a Live Wedding Painting suits your personal style

What kind of bride are you? I promise it’s not a loaded question! 😉 If you’ve started planning your wedding, then you might have already asked yourself this and chatted to your partner about your ‘couples style’. Did you come across those fabulous (but sometimes very random) online quizzes that help you define your style? […]

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Capture your love through painting

Capture your love through painting

Capture your love through painting. Whats that? Capture my what through whaaat? Live Wedding Painting!! Thats what! Its super cool, has been gradually building momentum throughout 2019/2020 and is here to stay. So what exactly is live wedding painting? It’s basically where you hire an artist to come to your wedding, set up and paint […]

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