why you should choose the classic package for your wedding

Why you should choose the classic package for your live wedding painting, instead of the basic. 

I have 3 packages to offer for my live paintings. Basic, Classic and Luxe. When someone is booking my Luxe package, they usually know that they want two paintings, so it’s not something I mention in most enquiries.  


What I do tend to offer most enquiries, however, are the two other packages, my Basic and my Classic.  


I would recommend Classic any day over the Basic, and if your budget can stretch that far, it is 100% worth the upgrade.  


So why is my Classic package so much better?  


With my Classic Package, you get so much more value and experience.  


1. I paint at your wedding for around 6 hours. I am not super rigid on my times. If I am close to completion and I’m nearing 7 or 8 hours, I’m going to stay and see it through.  

2. I may also stay a little longer, so guests have more of a chance to view the painting, chat to me and enjoy the process. This time allows me to complete the painting in front of guests. Which is awesome and a great experience for them as many people have never seen a painting come together in real time and watched the stages it goes through. 

I often get approached at the 3 hour mark with comments like “woah, I didn’t know what you were doing at first, but this is awesome” and “ha ha.. I was thinking, who hired the dodgy artist, but now I’ve watched it, this is amazing”.  

Paintings go through so many stages, and unless you get past a certain point, it can seem that the painting looks dodgy and it’s hard to imagine what it will turn out like. This is the beauty of having the longer time.  

3. You get to have a painting with whoever you choose in it. Whether it’s all the guests, just the bridal party, pets, people passed. I’m happy to add whatever you would like to the painting, so it’s truly special and what you want.  

4. You will receive thank you cards to send to all your guests after the wedding. This is particularly special as they were part of the painting process, watched it all come together and now get to have their own mini version to cherish. It’s unique, personal, and really special.  

5. Your painting is a nice size at 50x60cm and comes framed in a handmade Australian Oak floating frame. I have all my canvases made locally by my framer, using Australian materials. If having watercolour, I use the same framer, same wood but you get it behind high quality non glare Perspex glass.  

6. For a limited time, you will also receive a complimentary video with how your painting was made. This includes wedding footage, a timelapse and the final painting all in one shirt video you can share to socials or keep with your wedding album.  


The value of this package is unbeatable, and it’s certainly worth upgrading to have this experience.  

live wedding painting Brisbane 

The Basic is still a great package for elopements, small parties, and smaller budgets.

You will still receive a high-quality painting, however, like the title suggests, it is on the basic side.  

1. The painting is 40x50cm, so a bit smaller than the Classic package.  

2. It comes framed in the floating frame too, which is super nice.  

3. It is couple only, due to time restraints, so no options of adding pets, children or other members of your wedding.  

4. I am there for just 3 hours. In this time, I will sketch a very simple background, which will be completed in the studio. I will also add the couple and mostly work on them, so you get to see how you will feature in the painting. The rest is then completed back in my studio and sent to your preferred delivery address.  

live wedding painting - Brianna and Adem

As you can see, unless there is a particular reason you need the smaller package, I would recommend the Classic as you get far more value and entertainment on your special day.  






More about the artist.

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