The most common things I hear as a wedding painter


One of the good things about painting live is interacting with guests around me. When I first started, although I had been painting for many years, I never got to be in the same room as my clients when they received my paintings. I always sent it to them with a certain level of anxiety. What if they hated it? What if they thought it was bad and felt disappointed in their decision to use me. Real imposter syndrome. 


I would then get emails showing gratification which would make me breathe a sigh of relief, however there was still that little niggle, what if they were just being polite?  


So it was pretty scary to start painting live, knowing I would see the reactions first hand. What if they were disappointed and it showed in their faces. Or worse, they complained while I was there! An introvert’s nightmare.  


But nothing happens without pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, so I did. And the results really surprised me. And knocked away any of that imposter syndrome I had, replaced by an ease and knowledge that people enjoy my work, choose me based off my work and so are always happy with the outcome. Yay!   


Here are a few things that I hear on repeat at every wedding (no… you’re not original uncle Bruce… yes… I have heard it before groomsmen… many many times!!!)

1 – Omg… this is amazing! When you arrived and started painting, I’ve got to admit, it looked super dodgy and I was like “who hired this amateur”, but wow… you really are talented! (Mostly said by drunk groomsmen or older male guests) 

2 – Wow, that’s so clever, I can only draw stick figures. (Said by 80% of guests!) 

3 – Can you add a little more height to me there? (groomsmen) 

4 – Can you get rid of my chin/tummy/nose? (bridesmaids) 

5 – ha ha… don’t think you made the groom fat enough (groomsmen) 

6 – Omg, you’ve made me look better in the painting than in real life (bridal party including bride and groom) 

7 – Wow, I’d love to be talented like this, I’ve always wanted to do art, but I haven’t got a creative bone in my body. (This always makes me sad as everyone does have the ability to create and paint. It’s practise and passion, that’s all.) 

8 – Wow, this is so much better than I imagined 

9 – It’s so interesting to see it all come together, I’ve been watching all night and I really had no idea what you were doing at first.  

10 – You are so fast, one minute it was just a brown mess and all of a sudden, it looks like this! Amazing.  


I could go on! I answer the same things on repeat… but I love it! I love hearing the amazement guests express when they see it nearing completion. I love hearing all the praise, of course, who wouldn’t?! I love surprising people with the whole process and many people don’t get to see a painting come to life. And see it blossom past that dodgy stage that all paintings go through.  


It really does fill my cup and make me feel confident and proud of my own work, which for an artist is rare.  


So, thanks to all the guests and couples I have met so far, you really lift me up!