Mums deserve the best… the best is a portrait!

As Mother’s Day approaches, the search for the ideal gift to express love and gratitude begins. While flowers and chocolates are timeless classics, consider stepping into the realm of timeless memories with a custom portrait. Here’s why commissioning a portrait is the perfect way to celebrate and honour the extraordinary woman who shaped your world.  […]

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Crafting Narrative on Walls: A Guide to Creating Themed Mural

Introduction:  Murals have the power to transform spaces, tell stories, and evoke emotions. One compelling way to enhance the impact of a mural is by infusing it with a cohesive theme. Themed murals not only captivate viewers but also provide artists with a focused and inspiring framework for their creative expression. In this article, we […]

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what makes a portrait so special

What make a painted portrait so special?

What make a painted portrait so special over photography? Portraiture is one of the oldest and most enduring genres of art, dating back thousands of years to the earliest civilizations. A painted portrait captures the essence of a person, conveying not just their physical features but also their personality, character, and even their innermost thoughts […]

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