Portraits – A unique gift with an impact!

Portraits – be sure to make an impact with this unique gift, something that will be cherished for generations!


Over the years, it becomes increasingly difficult to find gifts for your loved ones. Perhaps they are minimalist in their life, or they buy all the things they need. Perhaps nothing seems sentimental enough or you’ve just run out of ideas.


Whatever the reason, finding the perfect gift can be very challenging at times.


This is where I come in. Portraits!


Receiving a personalised artwork of any kind can be magical and special. Art not only uplifts you, sparks emotion in you but creates gorgeous pieces for your walls.  Art can be very soothing for the soul and therapeutic.


I get nothing but rave reviews from people receiving the portraits and also the gifters. I hear stories of how the receiver broke down into tears from emotion, how the portraits brought a smile to friends face, and how clients have special areas in their homes for these custom pieces.


A few ideas on what subjects you could gift are;


  • House portrait for someone leaving their family home or buying a new home. Even if your giftee rents, having their home painted will mean it stays with them, even when they move on. Perfect if they spent their baby years there, or uni years, etc.

house portraits pet portraits pet portraits

  • Pet portrait. If you know an animal lover, are an animal lover or want to gift someone a special artwork after the loss of a pet, portraits are a beautiful option. Whether its your pets on their own, adding your pets to another scene or including them in a family portrait. Its always a hit.


  • Loved ones passed. I paint a lot of people who have passed on, and its certainly the subject that gets the most tears rolling. Its such a beautiful way to capture your loved one, to preserve their memory and honour their life. These are some of my favourite paintings as there is so much emotion behind them.


  • Capturing your children while they’re babies or still young is a lovely gift for mothers and fathers. Even grandparents, who can hang the portraits of their grandchildren with pride.


  • Wedding venues. A great gift for a wedding or an anniversary is gifting them a painting of where they got married.


  • Couple painting. Ooh… these are good for anniversaries or valentines day.


Hopefully this list has sparked some great ideas for what you could gift your person. Or even gift yourself. After all, you’re just as special and deserve your own painting right!!!

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More about the artist.

Hi, I am Poppy, a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for watercolours.

I have been creating for as long as I can remember, and in 2012, opened up iampoppy Designs. I am passionate about helping inspired people bring their creative dreams to life through my art!

From live paintings, watercolour illustrations and portraits, murals right through to surface pattern design, I love getting stuck into so many different projects, keeping me interested, growing and my business ever-changing. The world of a creative!

So please take a look around, and reach out for a chat! Whether it’s print patterns, workshops, live wedding painting or more… I’d love to meet you and hear all about your story!

E-mail me: designs@iampoppy.com

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