Why having the right art supplies is so important for your outcome.

The difference between having a good piece of work and a great piece of work is largely due to the tools. 

You’ve probably been scouting Instagram and noticed that other artists are creating more vibrant pieces, or the paint seems to be sitting on the paper better. Or they are achieving gorgeous pieces in only a few strokes. 

It is true, that some have more practice and therefore more skills, but guaranteed, if you put one of your pieces painted on medium or low-grade materials next to the same piece painting in high grade, you would be amazed at the difference! 

I started off my watercolour career when I was a backpacker, and as a result used the least expensive supplies I could find. I’ve got to be honest; I didn’t really enjoy watercolours as a result. I found the colours dull and watery (I know, the main point of watercolours right!) and the papers always warped. 

But then I upgraded. I watched YouTube a lot, and found out the supplies other artists were using. Thick cold press paper, sable haired brushes, Winsor and Newton paints.. and then my world opened! I was able to start painting pieces I was proud of, being able to sell my paintings and happy to use them on invitations. 

It took me a few years of trial and error, but I feel I finally have the perfect set of tools for my trade. And I’d love to share them with you. 

I’ve attached a PDF of all the tools I use and where I purchase them.  Many of the shops are local, but Google usually has the answers of where you can buy them close to you, so just pop it in the search bar and you’ll be sweet. 

So stock up, get painting and don’t forget to tag me in your drawings so I can have a look at your progress. @iampoppydesigns #paintwithpoppy

Get my supplies list here.