Sunny Tree Landscapes Logo:

Sunny Tree Landscapes is a relatively new landscaping business on the Southern Gold Coast. I designed the logo to be simple yet effective in accompanying the happy name of the business. I worked closely with Shane, the owner of Sunny Tree Landscapes, and made sure I designed a product he was happy with. The idea for the tree was inevitable, and using oranges and yellows for the leaves not only makes the logo bright and eye catching, but gives the customer the idea of having a natural sunny new garden if they chose to use Sunny Tree Landscapes.

Fast Forward to 2017….

Although the original logo served its purpose in creating a recognisable and trustworthy brand, Sunny Tree Landscapes decided to give it a fresh lick of paint! We kept to the same concept, and changed the fonts, and the sun. We created a more geometric design, with gradient colours through each petal. This created a edgier feel, designed to mimic the change in clients as they moved forward.

Changing the fonts from a serif to sans serif really helped clean the logo up and create a slick, higher end look for Shane and the business.

sunny tree landscapes logo