Creating an Etsy shop


The Etsy Resolution:

The past month, I have been creating an Etsy shop makeover with the help of  two lovely ladies, Claire and Jess, down at Etsy HQ! There has been a group of us getting together online every week to eagerly await the weeks tutorial on how to maximise sales through our online shops. What a great lesson it has been, as I was completely unaware as to why my sales were low, given that I had such great things to offer! ha ha

Week one saw us change our ‘About pages’. It seemed I hadn’t even bothered to write mine, which was my first fatal error. So I set about thinking of my journey and what led me to where I am today, spending every available hour down in the studio, creating. It was interesting to write. Trying to put across my personality and interests to people I have never met or even will ever meet. It was also interesting to see just how far I have come from my early days fresh out of college or even after university. I was lost and had no idea on how to sell or even the confidence, yet here I am, less than a decade later, finding nothing more satisfying than putting myself out there for everyone to judge. I love seeing people admire my work, and better yet, buy it. I love creating logos and design elements for people and seeing how proud they are to show off their new brand. I feel confident standing behind my stall and approaching new shops, confident that people will buy my work, and I am of value. I am so proud of where I am today, and it was nice realising that, all while doing some homework for Etsy!

Week two was all about photos. Yes, I am sad to say, after all my photography lessons at college and university, my work was displayed appallingly. The lighting was bad, and I kept the glass in the frames, and packing on, creating glare and reflections. How could I not have seen how bad it was! Anyway, I have since started the lengthy process of updating all my images, and creating a unified format which all my work will be displayed. It’s very time consuming, but the end results are so worth it. My work looks a lot better, and you can see how the prints will look up on the wall, so it provides the buyer with more confidence in my products.

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Week three then focused on the daunting task of SEO for Etsy. I had no idea how much activity in the shop, as well as creating keyword friendly titles was so important for Etsy. No wonder I could never find my work in the search engines! Not anymore… I have re-listed most of my products to contain long and keyword friendly titles, so people can find my work easily. I have amended all the descriptions and with the new photos, the shop will soon be up to scratch and user friendly. This also included filling in the policies, shipping information and every other part of the site, which I never realised was so important. I have also since discovered a little SEO secret for Etsy. A little at a time goes a long way… adding one listing, or changing one listing a day, rather than all together, has a much greater effect on your ability to be found. So for the next month, that will be my new project!

I am still yet to complete week four, but we have been set the task of getting your business heard. Marketing! Something that is very hard for me, and requires constant work. I feel I have lost my online social life and replaced it with an online marketing obsession! Not only are we required to share everything we do, like I will with this blog, but also approach other bloggers to see if they will feature our work. I admit, this is something I try and do from time to time, but this little course has really helped me pick up the pace and get cracking. I finally posted away my written piece about my work to Frankie, so fingers crossed they liked it. Contacted a few more online shops and retailers to stock my work, and this week I will be heading back out to the Gold Coast beach markets to promote myself. I feel like this is the start to iampoppy being so known around the coast, and my business really taking off… Fingers crossed!

So with any luck, and a lot of hard work, re creating my etsy shop will be the start of something great, and my sales will sky rocket through the roof! If you want to be part of it, check out my shop and see what tickles your fancy. Who knows, you might find something wonderful waiting for you!

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