Capture your love through painting

Capture your love through painting.

Whats that? Capture my what through whaaat?

Live Wedding Painting!! Thats what! Its super cool, has been gradually building momentum throughout 2019/2020 and is here to stay.

So what exactly is live wedding painting?

It’s basically where you hire an artist to come to your wedding, set up and paint the ceremony as it’s happening. Not only will you get a gorgeous painting out of it, but your guests will be entertained on the day, be able to watch as they and the space around them come to life on the canvas and it’s something everyone will be talking about.

I’ve done a fair amount of weddings now, and travel all over Australia for them. I usually create two paintings, one with the ceremony and one of the first dance. Because its a painting, I leave things out that I feel aren’t needed for the overall look, and add other things, like the cake table, lighting, etc, which wouldn’t be able to be in one composition if you were using a camera. It’s a make believe, romantic painting of you day.

During COVID, where we had that yucky rule of no dancing at weddings, I noticed a lot more extras were brought in to entertain guests and make sure the day had lots of things to still enjoy. Notice how many weddings had magicians at them?! It was awesome. But it meant that I scored a few more weddings too, which was awesome.

So, hopefully I have managed to fill you in on this upcoming trend, and you are totally blown away and ready to book a live wedding painted for your wedding??? yassss…

If so, I’d love to paint for you, it’s going to be perfect!