Illustration has been my passion from as long as I can remember, and has been part of my life whether I’ve been in one place working, or on the go with my world travels.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at The University of Plymouth, UK, and was awarded the ‘Student of the Year’ award.

Although starting my painting career primarily using acrylics and collage, recent years have seen me move into watercolour painting more and more, and by using techniques from my acrylic days, typography, hand lettering and loose watercolours, I create energetic and creative pieces which are colourful, whimsical and full of life.

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Custom Portraits


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Have a love for painting?

Do you love all things creative and wish you could paint what’s in your head? 

I hold monthly workshops where I take you through the basics of watercolours, colour theory but also how to paint to your own beat! 

Our painting is like our handwriting, and once we learn what our style is, we can start closing the gap between what we imagine and what we create! 

Join me for one of these workshops, to help you on your creative journey!! 

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Tattoo Design

Not that I regularly create designs for tattoo’s, but it’s something I would be more than happy to do for you. 

I created this tattoo based on the fact I love florals, love Indian culture (due to where I grew up) and wanted a HENNA effect. 

I created a line drawing of flowers, a mix of florals from around the world and represent all the places I have lived. By using brown ink, it created a beautiful subtle henna look which I LOVE! 

What are your ideas for a tattoo design? Contact me to chat and we can come up with some awesome designs for you.

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Logo and Branding


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