2020 has been a @*%$ of a year.

2020 has been a C*%$ of a year.


This morning on the radio I heard about the New Zealand bush fires. The radio hosts started the segment off by stating, “as if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, now this…”


It got me to thinking. Over the past year I’ve seen more meme’s and posts wishing away 2020, stating how 2020 can just fuck right off. It’s everywhere. Got old 2020, keeps on delivering the shit.


Is this actually helping anyone? Is 2020 really a darkness that came to destroy us and once ended will bring the new light of 2021? Will all our problems finally go away? Should we be counting down the new year? Are you feeling inspired by these negative posts? Do they make you happy or panic?


Looking back, I’m very guilty of this too, I can see a trend. New year starts full of hope and optimism. Bad things happen over that year, we start hating the year, and wish it was over. So many new year posts stating how we’re so glad to see the backend of that shitty year… good riddance 2017, 2018, 2019 and now 2020.


But has 2020 really been that bad?


I’m not here to undermine anyone’s pain, loss and suffering. I know there has been so many hardships this year, and there is reason to feel it.

But the constant media headings, doom and gloom. Facebook posts angry about it. What’s it all for?


The way I see it, 2020 brought something unexpected. Every year of our lives brings us challenges, hurdles and hardship. Usually we deal with these things alone, with few people to turn to. We learn to adapt, or we stay stuck in our sadness and negative energy. It becomes a choice of our MINDSET. Of our ability to quieten the negative noise in our head and learn to use that voice to grow and evolve.


Covid-19 has been a huge challenge. But has it all been so bad? We have been so lucky that the ENTIRE world has been with us throughout this challenge. Our loss, hardship and suffering has been shared and cared for by the entire globe, with no exceptions. We have found a global tribe, a support group online who all faces the same demon, in different ways. This is AMAZING. This is such a rare chance to grow as a species, to adapt and change the way we operate.


Watching the amazing documentary by Sir David Attenborough last night emphasised this point. It’s not all doom and gloom. Sure, we are destroying the planet, and sure, we are running out of time. BUT… we can change. And it all starts with our mindset. It’s our minds that have the answer to our problems! We can change anything if we have the right mindset. NEVER underestimate that.


Instead of feeling bogged down about the lack of travel, the constant stats, not being able to be ‘free’, (which I admit, all suck majorly), lets focus on what is good.


  • The world came together online to help, nurture and care for everyone while Covid hit. So quickly.
  • We connected with so many more people on a global level, technology became a great thing for once and if we look back to the Spanish Flu era, how lucky we are to have this technology. I know I am soooo thankful for it.
  • Many of us were able to spend more time with ourselves, with our families, and slow down. To get to know us.
  • Our jobs pivoted, creating new interest and drive in our workforce.
  • Lost jobs are creating space for your IDEAL job.
  • Priorities have shifted.


I do know that a lot of damage did happen too. And it does hurt.


But we were all in it together and with the right mindset, many of the world’s population have flourished and found new ways to enjoy life, to live their life and to have less impact on the earth.


What I am trying to say is that 2020 has been a year. That’s it. Not a bad, not a good. It’s been a year which has presented itself with many challenges, which we have a choice. We can wallow, blame the year, blame the events, blame everything else. Or we can use it all as a growth platform. Personal growth. How to adapt, how to overcome, how to change our mindset so we can deal with what the world has for us and thrive. As David put it, we are the most successful era during the planet’s life so far, and that is due to our ability to adapt.


My mindset dramatically changed at the beginning of 2019. I stopped blaming. I stopped being a victim of external circumstances. I took back my life. And although I did dip a little during the shock of Covid, I found it easier to get back on track and just change direction. I work less now; I make more money. All because I reassessed what mattered and how I needed to be ‘shock’ proof in order to remain happy. I let go of what I couldn’t control and found a path that was working better for me during this time. I followed my truth.


I have found, as many of the people around me have found, 2020 has been a huge year for growth, and I’m ready for more. 2021 won’t be any different. They’ll be new challenges, new disasters and new opportunities for us to connect, reach out and evolve into new, happier people.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the media created this positive, strong and kind message that we will all get through this, because we are all good enough? How different would your 2020 experience have been then?

We can save the planet because we have that wisdom to care for nature. To live a life with nature, dancing around it entwining energies and becoming more of a flow. We would experience so much less stress. It’s so stressful trying to work against negativity and fear.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could face challenging years like 2020 and know we had it in the bag, we got this shit, we nailed it!

And walk into 2021 happy and ready for more!


End note: I encourage everyone to work on their mindset and some of the great inspirations to me have been

  • Jay Shetty My first podcast introduction into personal growth
  • MindValley My dear cousin Luke worked here, and I was fortunate enough to visit the headquarters. Literally changed my life. I do their courses, listen to the podcasts and am part of their online community. Ahhh-mazing
  • my therapist
  • Red Table Talk  Jada Pickett-Smith. I first saw Jay Shetty on here, and also started processing my domestic violence relationship while watching this. So it was sort of an opening into my personal growth journey.
  • Luke Myers My cousin. He has been an inspiration, watching his journey here in Australia, and then onto becoming the workplace experience designer at Mindvalley HQ and winning awards for the most amazing designs. His personal growth journey has been great to watch and his courage, honesty and openness is a huge comfort to me. So thank you Luke!