Wedding maps, to do or not to do?

Wedding maps, to do or not to do?

What even is a wedding map for starters? Well… let me show you into the world of crazy awesome map hem!

Wedding maps, or mud maps as they are also known, are illustrated maps which add a touch of personality to your wedding stationery, while also being practical. They usually show the surrounding area, and how to get to a venue. Perhaps the map may show the whole of the Gold Coast, or Sydney area. With sites to see, places to stay and also the venue.

They can also simply be of the venue itself, if there are different areas to the venue that guests need to know about.

So, you can be just super boring and include a basic map, printed off the internet, to show your guests. But what’s the fun in that? none! thats right.

Having a map created for you, which ties into your wedding stationery or venue style will really stand out. You can add extra bits of information on the map, such as dress codes, poems, or even a few fun things like wildlife on route, planes flying in, cute cars driving up and down the illustrated highways, eagerly on their way to your illustrated venue… ahhh…. so good!

I remember one of the first maps I painted. in watercolours. It was for a beautiful couple getting married at Sirromet Winery, south of Brisbane. I used google maps and images for reference and tried to work out how to best display the venue. It looked great, everyone was happy and I threw in a few kangaroos for good measure.

Wedding maps

But then a few month later, I had to drop off some stationery at Sirromet, and as I was driving up to Barrel Hall, it was like I was driving through my little map. I had been so spot on in how I painted it, I was so surreal! Seeing my watercolours in real life! it was like something out of a movie… I loved it.

I’ve been hooked ever since, and I just LOVE creating maps in watercolours, painting all the little icons, and couple, and popping them all onto the little world on paper… so magical.

I guess what I am trying to say is YES… do a map!!! it’s frickin awesome and you’ll love it!