How to have the wedding your guests will talk about for years.

How to have the wedding your guests will talk about for years

The world of weddings has progressed so much in the last 70 years. Back in the day, many weddings were a modest affair, held in family homes, with a few important guests. After the war, and money started to creep back into our lives, families became more than happy to pay a higher price to have that perfect wedding. Big ceremonies became a massive part of everyday weddings as the glory of weddings was celebrated in weddings and the media.

During the mid 60’s and 70’s however, the need to rebel against the norms pushed weddings back to a more simple style again, even leaving the church and cathedral wedding behind for more barefoot beach and field weddings. 

Nowadays, we are somewhat in the middle, with many brides opting for a lavish and traditional wedding, and others wanting intimate ceremonies with few close friends and relatives. 

Whatever the choice, we are all looking for that edge, that little bit of unique which will say to our guests ‘this is our wedding, this is who we are as a couple, and this is how we are going to start our new life together’. 

There have been many trends come into weddings, with photography and videography being the major ones, which have stuck around. Of course, because they are fantastic! Photo booths, sand jars, disposable cameras on guests tables, interactive table placements, etc.. All these aim to provide guests with a better experience, a more interactive one that will create memories for your day. 

Well, I’ve got another one for you, and it’s a goodun’. 


live wedding painting

Omg, I hear you say, what a fantastic idea!!!

Not only will you end up with a gorgeous artwork that captures your wedding day in a loose, energetic watercolour style, but also your guests can be part of the experience. Watching themselves come to life in the painting, chatting to the artist, and just getting captivated in watching them work creates a great experience for your guests, and one they will talk about for years. 

I launched my Live Wedding Painting in 2019, and it has been awesome. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the most amazing day of my couple, and meeting all their guests, which I have usually created invitations for. Not to mention, actually visiting venues, which I have illustrated many times before. It’s a really great experience for me. 

So what’s it all about then? Well, head over here, to read up on the whole process, what you receive and what you can expect on the day. 

 How to have the wedding your guests will talk about for years to come

It’s certainly one to think about at least……