8 reasons why creativity is vital for your health and wellbeing.

While promoting, and even teaching my watercolour workshops I hear the same sentence said again and again, “I’m just not creative” or “I wish I was creative”

Well, news flash… you are!!! Everyone has an element of creativity in them; it’s just been supressed over years of adulthood. 

If you think about children, they all start school drawing, colouring in, making models from toilet rolls. Just like play, it seems we phase these out of our lives in the need to become more grown up, more serious. But it is actually really detrimental to your health, and many of us now find we are struggling with anxiety, depression and fatigue amongst other things. 

So here’s 8 reasons why you should take that watercolour class, or that sculpture class. I can guarantee that you will be surprised with the results, and unlock some creativity your never knew you had.

Creativity allows you to express yourself.

Picking up that pen, brush or pencil is always a self-discovery. Every mark that you make is 100% unique and can only be created by you. It also allows you to share hidden sides of ourselves.

Creativity promotes thinking and problem-solving.

There is no manual on the perfect way to create, and there is also no ‘right’ way. Therefore everything you do while creating involves problem solving, thinking for yourself and creating your own interpretation of things.

Creativity reduces stress and anxiety.

Persuing a creative projects is usually a happy process. People enjoy the process as well as the outcome, so the act of being creative promotes happiness, calmness and reduces stress. Of course, if you’re holding on to trying to be perfect, you can undo this benefit, so the key is to just let go and go with it. 

Creativity allows you to enter your happy zone and have fun.

Creativity is just another form of play. And play is always a fun practice. There’s a reason why kids are happier, laugh more and have less stress in their lives than adults. Play! 

Creativity gives you a sense of purpose.

Whether you make money from your creativity or not, it’s a way of expressing yourself to the world, creating something that is you. This creates a huge sense of purpose, whether its expressing through art, music or movement. 

Creativity can lead to feelings of accomplishment and pride.

Starting at the ideas stage, then the development of your project to the final pieces creates a sense of pride in what you’ve accomplished, and is the perfect recipe for personal satisfaction. 

Creativity connects you with others.

Its important to be social, its an integral part of being human, and embarking on creative journeys will connect you with others with the same passion.

Creativity improves you ability to focus. 

Well this is pretty self-explanatory… while sitting down and enjoying the process, you actually get absorbed into your work and find true focus. 

Feeling all pumped up to rediscovering your creative self? Note I said rediscovering, not becoming, because we all know you’ve already got that little creative being tucked away inside waiting to come out and shine! 

Come along to my Watercolour class this month and find out for yourself! 

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