Why You Need a Graphic Designer

When you are starting a new business sometimes it can be scary to spend a bit of money as you find out just how much you will get in return. But there are some areas you just cannot cut costs on! Number 1 on this list would be graphic design. Here’s why you need a graphic designer.


When you first start a business you obviously don’t have an existing customer base or much proof of past works. This also means no word of mouth. So how do you get that first person to trust your services? Looks. You need to look appealing and professional to get people through the door! If you look like you’ve just decided to start a business 5 minutes ago then why would people trust you?


Ok so say you do design your logo and other marketing collateral yourself, and you do still get customers. What about when you grow? What about when you want to attract BIGGER more serious clients? You might start to wish your logo wasn’t a few squiggles you drew in paint. It is inevitable that if you don’t spend the money now, you will want to later. So why not get it right the first time?


There are so many things to do when you are starting out its mind boggling. Do you really want to waste valuable hours changing the colour scheme of your website 20 thousand times just to save a buck or two? You should be spending that time legitimising your business and planning how to get those clients in! The longer it takes the longer before you are ready to start earning.


Let’s just say you’re sitting there going but I am creative and I do know how to use the creative suite a little bit. What kind of file should you save it as? What dimensions should that file be? How many different files do you need? Sure a standard jpg will work for a few things but if you send that to a printer to get flyers to make up they may giggle.

And if you didn’t understand half the words in that last paragraph… yep, you need to hire a graphic designer. And we have the perfect one 😉 get in contact: [email protected]