When to send a card

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to send a card.

In the digital age it can feel silly or over the top to sit down and hand write your thoughts and feelings for friends or family.

But there is no better feeling than a real life card coming in the post and brightening your day. Even grown ups get excited when the postman delivers something especially for them.

Cards are not just reserved for Christmas and birthdays as these are the times when everyone expects them, receives a lot of them and ultimately just throws them away.

Sending cards for friends and family at times when they least expect it or need support is much more rewarding than writing out hundreds of identical cards from a box every December.

Sending a card is probably the most personal way to get into contact with someone and it’s easy to find personalised and unique stationery to express your style and personality.

If you’re wondering when is the right time to send a card…

Here’s our guide to when to send a card

To say thank you

Thank you cards may seem a bit outdated but good manners never go out of style. Make sure you always thank friends for any help or gifts that you receive and always encourage your kids to do the same.

To say congratulations

When something great happens a Facebook comment isn’t really enough. Sending a congratulations card is an amazing way to make the recipient feel extra important and proud of whatever they have achieved.

To kids

when to send a cardKids very rarely ever get mail. Everything that comes through the postbox is likely to be bills for you and although we know this is not fun or exciting, for kids it may leave them feeling left out every time they try to be helpful by getting the mail.

For kids, cards are special and personal to them. As small people without bank accounts or magazine subscriptions it’s likely the only time they receive post is when people send them something lovely.

So make the effort to send kids cards, unlike toys they can be kept for years to come, and the excitment of them receiving something just for them will make them feel special and very grown up!

To friends and relatives overseas

When you’re far away from the people you love, little things mean a lot. Cards are a cheap (well cheaper than a parcel…) and easy way to remind the people you don’t see every day that you’re thinking about them.

To say sorry

Apology cards can’t fix everything. If you’ve done something really horrible a card might not be enough…

But if you’ve missed a birthday or an event then a well meaning apology card can go a long way in fixing a relationship.


The main thing about cards if that they are personal to you and it’s up to you when to send them.

Think about the times you would like to receive them and make sure you remember important dates for the people you love

Have you received an unforgettable card? Let us know in the comments below…