When its ok to judge a book by its cover

You know what they say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, but just this once, we are going to give you a free pass at it. Why? Because stationery is what we do best and judging it based on looks is kinda the whole point! So here it is, the reasons why you should judge your stationery, and where to get the best of it of course…


Get Excited

Is it just me or do you guys find choosing stationery really exciting? You know that feeling you get when you attempt to buy a new diary? But then you see all the pretty stationery and decide you need a daily planner, a to do list, a future home scrapbook and wedding invitations for your future wedding… even though you don’t have a boyfriend yet? That giddy feeling you get is honestly the best part! Getting overwhelmed by all the pretty designs and feeling connected to certain items that seem to reflect who you are. Never appologise for that feeling – ever!


Find Your Zen

Finding the perfect stationery set can really help you to feel focused and organised. With a mind full of clutter, the right stationery is what helps you focus your thoughts and get to your most productive state! There is no better feeling than putting pen to paper and jotting down all of your thoughts so you can start planning effectively. I’m sure this is proven somewhere…


Where To Get It

So where can I find this toe tingling, mind dazzling stationery you speak of? Right here at iampoppy.com of course! AND unlike chain stores our stationery is beautiful crafted by hand, with love by our lovely Artist Poppy herself. You can’t find that in Kmart! (omg sorry Kmart, I still love you I promise).


P.s I think these are the invitations i’ll be having at my future wedding (just need to find a husband first)