Wedding Flowers, What Do Yours Say About You?

What Your Wedding Flowers Mean And What They Say About You!

When choosing your wedding flowers there are so many different arrangements to choose from! Are you a rose or peony kinda gal? And when you do finally make your choice what do your flowers say about your personality and taste? Here are a list of some beautiful flowers to have at your wedding and the meaning behind them all!

Babys Breath


While this is usually more of a filler flower it does make for some beautiful dainty arrangements at a wedding! Baby’s Breath symbolises innocence which is a nice image for family and friends. These flowers are also inexpensive and bloom year round which is a massive plus.


Gardenia’s are a very popular choice as they symbolise joy and purity which is something most brides aim to be seen as n their wedding day. They are also very fragrant, there beautiful scent will hang in the air as an added benefit! They are a little more on the expensive side too.


Lilacs creates a stunning pop of colour and will liven any bouquet. They symbolise loves first emotions which is so fitting for a wedding! And they smell amazing, rub some on your wrists to smell good all day!



The stunning Magnolia indicates a love of nature! They make a gorgeous feature of any arrangement and are available in Summer and Spring – prime wedding seasons! They are expensive to buy but really add something special to every environment.


Peonies are a popular flower for wedding arrangements! They provide a lovely scent and symbolise bashfulness, ambition and determinations. They are only available in late spring though!



Roses! They can be quite expensive but are the ultimate symbol of love and beauty. They look amazing in both arrangements and bouquets and are the most popular wedding flower. They are also very fragrant and have a beautiful smell. These ones are available all year round too.


Sunflowers actually have two different meaning depending on the length of their stem. A long stemmed Sunflower means haughtiness while short stemmed means adoration! So choose wisely when arranging these. They are a stunning and inexpensive option for any wedding.