Swell Festival with the kiddies




Family-pic whale-hand Aidan-gun


When my partner came home from work with a photo of giant green tentacles on top of Currumbin Rock, I knew it was that time of year again. Horrah! Swell is back. I have visited this outdoor free sculpture festival every year I could, and just love it. I love that its free for starters, but also that its a chance to walk along the same stretch of beach but take in a completely different experience. It is also a great way to showcase fantastic artists to the public in the most amazing setting. What could be better. This year was no exception.

I paid a visit on the first Friday it was on, with my partner, wee bubsicles and step son. It was a lovely walk down the stretch and as it was evening we were able to take in the sculptures in day light and then all lit up once the sun had set. The tentacles were amazing and even better at night, adding a glowing spookiness that swayed in the wind. The atmosphere was great, and it was nice to do something different. The chance to get my step son seeing different things was great as well and he enjoyed scootering past all the exhibits and then hurrying back to tell us his finds. I decided that I should take my son, as he was too young last year to enjoy it for what it was. We visited again in the glorious sunshine the following week and he loved it. Even so much as when we got back into the car he thanked me for bringing him! Cuteness! Although I am sure his favourite was the giant machine gun perched on top of the sand dune, mine had to be the whale encased in a giant hand made entirely of metal chains. I loved the colour and pattern of the chain, the concept behind the piece and also that it was very fitting for the area. One thing I did notice this year was the patterns. Everywhere. The detail that goes into many of the pieces is gorgeous and I could spend hours just looking closely at the fine detail, taking it all in and locking it in my brain for future use in my work!

Walking down the stretch of beach, I discovered my favourite patterns in the four season ladies. These were gorgeous ceramic statues which were decorated with ceramic fish, butterflies, insects, leaves and many other things found in nature throughout the seasons. The work that went into it was amazing, and they looked so pretty as well. Aidan loved the fish hanging around summertimes neck, as he is a potential fisherman in the making. I also noticed the trees had been lovingly dressed in colourful wool and decorations making every branch stand out from afar. One of the biggest pieces, the bamboo tunnel created such a lovely walk through, with the sun bouncing geometrical shapes in every direction. All in all, a wonderful selection of local artists and their work, and once again I thoroughly enjoyed my time gazing at all the pieces and basking in the spring sunshine. Next year hopefully Maddie will be running in and out of the sculptures, forming an early introduction into her life with the arts. After all, there’s no avoiding it with this mother!