Quirky Ideas For Your Wedding Favours.

When planning your wedding, there are so many different elements to it, it can sometimes seem a bit daunting, if not impossible to remember all the little add on’s. Wedding Favours are one of these. We want something that’s quirky and unique to our special day, but finding the ideas, and then trying to track down the right suppliers, and not blow the budget can be tough. It doesn’t have to be, and I’ve decided to compile a collection of some of my favourites that I have seen along my travels, to help you come up with some ideas which can be customised to your wedding theme.

Personalised Drinks

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These are such a versatile gift, and perfect for everyone. Perhaps you have your own wine or beer brewed, and get your bottle labels designed in the style of your invites. You could even personalise each one to the guest, by giving them their favourite tipple (although this is quite time consuming in orgainsing what everyone drinks). You can choose what type of drink to give them, how it is presented and its fairly cheap and cheerful and will help get their dancing feet going!

Sweet Treats

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These are a lovely and fairly inexpensive way to thank your guests for coming to share your day with you. You can choose your treat, and package it in a number of different ways to suit your wedding theme. Sticker labels, illustrated tags, glass jars, personalised boxes, the list goes on. You could even have your own candy designed with your initials or wedding date imprinted inside. These are such a lovely addition to any wedding and suits weddings with children as well. A popular idea is to design empty bags for the guests to fill up at the lolly table, which can add a gorgeous element to your reception room.

Gifts From The Area

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These gifts are among my favourites by far, as they bring a little of the local surroundings into your wedding. Getting some locally made honey, oil, candles, soap, jam, whatever you like, gives a little insight of the surroundings to your guests. If you’ve been a traveling couple, then perhaps a delicacy from your favourite country. A local jam from the town where the proposal happened, or just some local products from your home town. Whatever you choose, this gift is not only letting your guests in to your world, but also giving them some quality products to take away with them. Win win!

Handmade Delights

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If you’re after unique, then getting some handmade products from places such as your local arts markets, or Etsy is a perfect way to thank your guests. Here we have a little selection, glass magnets, cute little wooden animal pins, hand painted stones and pressed clay decorations. The decoration idea could be especially good around Christmas, giving your guests an little handmade treat for their tree. The magnets are perfect for reminding everyone of that awesome day while holding up their kids drawings on the fridge! Perfect! Little ornaments for around the house work well, and are treasured, so you know your money and effort were well spent. And you’re helping out small businesses in the mean time, which is AWESOME!!!


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My brother and sister in law did this at their wedding a few years ago. The combined their centre pieces with their favours, allowing all the guests to take home the plants. I was gutted as I was flying back to Australia, and had to leave my sage behind for another guest… boo! But it was such a cute and practical idea that it has stayed with me since. Even creating a little label with your guests names, combines your place settings with the favours, not to mention creating a gorgeous looking table. You could even go for seasonal flowers, and add colour.


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Along the lines of the plants, these seed packets are so lovely and can contain seeds from the flowers in your bouquet, seasonal flowers, herbs, well whatever you want really. They are a blank canvas for your design in packaging and are perfect for the more rustic wedding. I used to give out Poppy seeds as gifts to my friends to remind them of me when I went travelling, and I still think its a cute idea. My friends loved it, and it created another topic of conversation on how the plants were being looked after. I love giving plants as gifts, as they brighten up any space, and create more oxygen, calm moods and detoxify your space. What better really?

Something Silly

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You don’t have to be serious with your favours, why not go for something guaranteed to make your guests smile. The handover kit is a great gift, which I’m sure most of your guests will love you for in the morning. Or perhaps adding a funny caption to your favours, like these mints or matches could be up your alley. I’ve seen sparklers, do not disturb door signs for the morning after, maracas to join in with the band, stubby holders… it all works, and its good to be different. And funny. 🙂


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I don’t have too many images of this one, given the times that we live in, CD’s and Records are not as common. But creating an all time mix tape is the goods! Open up your guests music tastes by introducing them to yours. Again, music from your traveling adventures, from your childhood, the first years of your courtship or just what you’re into now. Its definitely unique, and something I am sure most guests will love.


I have only managed to shared a few ideas with you throughout this post, but hopefully have inspired you to create something unique to your wedding and perfect for your guests. Have fun with your favours and don’t break the bank. They should be a small but fun part of your wedding, and something exciting for the guests to receive and post to their Instagram accounts!