Nourishing Lola and Sage started with wholefood mumma Assunta Robson. Originally starting back in 2013, when trying to find ways to feed her baby, who was disagreeing with most commercial foods. She decided to follow her instincts and cook completely fresh, natural and organic foods, steering clear of refined sugars, gluten, preservatives and all the other nasties found in the everyday food we’re expected to eat and feed our families.

Knowing how other mum’s must be feeling, she started sharing her experiences with foods and recipes, and quickly rose in popularity. She has recently expanded her reach, with her new website, branding and even releasing an ebook! wow.. she’s been busy, and all whilst having another bub! And iampoppy Designs was honoured to be able to take this journey with her, creating a logo which reflected her business and ethics perfectly. Using the tree which was connected to its roots, was really significant for Nourishing Lola and Sage, as teaching kids where there food comes from is so important in your child’s growth with food. We used very natural colours, all those found in friuit and veg, and created her a whole look that she can be proud of. Thanks for having us create this for you!

Nourishing lola and sage brnading boardNourishing lola and sage ebook