Peter Rabbit


I was asked to create three canvas’s for this commission, all based around the Beatrix Potter books. This was a challenging brief for me, as I usually work with paper and ink incorporating collage and stamping. After much stalling, I decided to press ahead using the same techniques I would use for paper, hoping no mistakes would arise (given no photoshop could be used!) Luckily it worked well, and the canvas even took to my stick and ink, creating a lovely effect on the outlines.

I started with the Peter one, deciding to capture Peter stealing from Mr McGreggors garden. This first one shaped the way for the others, with the use of bubble wrap printing as the sky, and the flowers and greenery used. I wanted it to appeal to a young girl as it was a girls room these were to hang in. The second one came to mind while reading Jemima Puddleduck, with the fact that she provides most of the ingredients for the duck dinner! I thought I would create a new scene where she was buying her groceries and herbs, which would later feature in the book. The colours she wear lend themselves beautifully to a feminine piece and the outcome was bright and cheerful. The last one was my favourite, purely because of the quirky butterfly sandwich. This piece was a lot simpler than the other two, but I felt it framed the middle with the use of the same foliage as in Peters drawing. With a mix of different butterflies in the collage, it adds the necessary colour needed to make the three paintings connect nicely. These three paintings currently live in America, with a little girl and her Beatrix Potter collection.