Painting, drawing and other fun stuff!

The past few months, in the iampoppy studio, have been a little crazy with painting and creating! Wedding invitations have been flooding in, given that it is wedding season at the moment. If has been fantastic to get to design all these different and very personal invitations for some lovely couples tying the knot.

I have also been busy with more than a few logo designs, which has also been fantastic! Although leaving me with little time to work on the new card range I had coming out by the end of this year. But oh well… more night shifts it is!!!

Last month I worked on a logo for a business on the Gold Coast, who provide information about travelling, for groups of women. This was the start of my watercolour journey, and creating this logo, with five women all linking arms was a little challenging at times, trying to get the simplicity, yet quirkiness into the design. But, it was created and hopefully it’s new owner is pretty pleased!

Another logo I have had the pleasure to design was a yoga studio in the UK. Akhand Yoga wanted to create something wholesome and free with bright oranges and turquoises. Introducing a swallow into the design, with the much loved henna patterns created this awesome, bold and unique logo, which I am super pleased with. One of my best to date, I’m sure!

Moving onto the wedding stationery, I have send out table numbers, save the dates, invitations, place cards and seating plans. Still in production are another 10 designs, waiting to be finalised. I cannot wait to see the end results, as the previous ones have been so exciting to get back from the printers. This morning I received a fantastic order of my vintage inspired invites, ready to be assembled and sent to the happy couple, a lovely English couple, marrying in Eco Studio Fellini.

I can’t wait to share the next batch of designs with you, and will be posting all of the finished designs on my portfolio in the next few weeks. In the mean time, I am heading back to the drawing board to create a mint and coral invitation design for my project this week…. watch this space!