How To Make Your Wedding More Individual

So the last thing you want is a typical cookie cutter wedding right? But how can you make your personality shine through? Here are some ideas on how you can make your wedding different to anyone else’s!

Make your invitations sound and feel like you!

If your not a formal person, then your invitations certainly don’t need to be! Having a but of slang in there and using words your friends know you for will make the invitation all the more special to your friends and family. You can even add your own image to the wedding stationary suite to really bring yourselves into it. Getting a professional to design you a unique wedding stationery suite that no-one else would have is also a great way to ensure your wedding is unique from start to finish.

Establish a unique hashtag for your day

Asking guests to use a particular hashtag to add to pictures of your day is a great way to document it from all perspectives. Be sure to do your research. Search your ideal hashtag and see how many people have used it already, you don’t want it getting lost in amongst other peoples photos! A good way to mix it up is to make use of any pet names you have for each other.

Make your favours personal

When it comes to purchasing favours for your guests, try something different and personal. One really great idea is to grab a bottle of your favourite spirit and spread it amongst cute little cards with labels! See here for example.

Don’t stick to the standard flowers

let your personality shine! Want to carry a single sunflower down the aisle? Go for it, it shows your personality and its those details that people will remember.

The wedding cake

Go for something different, how about ice cream cake? Yum! Custom wedding toppers are an awesome way to make your mark and a nice keep sake for after its all over.

Personalised place cards

I cannot stress enough how adorable it is to get cute little place cards your guests will want to keep. In fact instead of a card, why not one of these laser cut wooden names instead? Your guest will feel so special and want to keep it forever.

Wedding program with personal touch

Your wedding program should match the theme of your wedding. Having a beach wedding? Something like this Beach Blue invite is the one for you! Why not even do something quirky like add a crossword puzzle to the back? It will be great entertainment if the wedding runs late and you can even theme it around you and your partner!

A cute sign upon entry

A custom made sign that your guests can ready upon entry is a really nice touch! You can write a cute thank you to your guests or even request like ‘no phones please, we will share the professional photos with you!’. Take a look at one of our favourites here.

Table numbers with an edge

Wooden table numbers are a cute addition to your centrepiece but why stick to the normal order? Replace 1, 2, 3 with numbers that actually represent important dates in your life as a couple. You can even leave a note for your guests to let them know. “You are sitting at the table that represents our first kiss”…naw!