iampoppy also sells through her Etsy shop!


Etsy Shop

Click here to visit my Etsy shop.

I set up my Etsy shop to enable customers to purchase cards, art prints, magnets or cushions online from me, before I launched my very own online shop. I love being part of the community of Etsy, and make it a rule to always shop for gifts from there as well. I recently undertook an Etsy Resolution which saw the revamping of my store, and joining up with many talented crafts people from around Australia. Helping the small businesses to grow and succeed is such an important part of my journey, and by purchasing direct from these people, families and individualsĀ benefit, helping their dreams of selling their passion come true.

Please feel free to browse the shop, and pick up any purchases along the way. I occasionally feature discounts on my Facebook page, so stop by, like the page and enjoy all the benefits of being part of the iampoppy family!

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