Essential Wedding Extras

When planning a wedding there are some essential wedding extras that can often be overlooked. Once you have the crucial items like RSVP cards and wedding invitations out of the way what else is there to think about stationery wise? We have jotted down our top 4 picks so you wont forget!


Personalised Place Cards

Having personalised place cards at your wedding is a must! How else will your guests know where to sit? We offer script watercolor place cards hand painted by our designer! Or better yet, why not make them something your guests will want to keep forever? Laser cut wooden names are such a classy touch to any table and make the perfect memento for your guests!



It’s nice to give something to your wedding guests as a small token of your appreciation for attending your wedding. Personalised candles are a great idea. Pick a nice scent that reflects your personality and then have a label made up with the bride and grooms names on them! See example here. Another quirky favor is to fill labeled jars with your favorite spirit like these!


A Sign

A sign out the front of the ceremony to let guests know your requests is an essential part of your day that can often be forgotten. When you have a large group of people in one place some need a reminder to switch off phones or take off shoes etc. Our personal favorite is this hand crafted wooden sign made by our designer Poppy.


Bridesmaid gift box

If there is anyone besides you and the groom that have made this day a success, it’s the bridal party! Thank them with a ‘Bridesmaid Gift Box’. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, just a bottle of bubbly and a thank you will be enough to make them feel loved. Checkout these examples here.


Make sure you have a look at what other wedding extras we have on offer here.