Engagement Party Ideas

An engagement party is the perfect way to celebrate your engagement with family and friends. It really solidifies the relationship and is a beautiful way to announce that there will be a wedding on the horizon! This is also the perfect chance for the most important people in your and our partner’s lives to meet.


Theme Ideas

The first step in planning your engagement is deciding on a theme. Will it be formal or casual? Indoor or out door? Do you want to go as simple as just choosing a colour scheme or should you go all out and make it a costume party? Do whatever you feel reflects your personality as a couple! Personally we are feeling the Mexican fiesta vibe at the moment… but each to their own!




Personalised invitations that tie in with the theme of your event adds a really classy touch to an engagement party. Typically you would invite more people to the engagement party than to the wedding, this is your chance you celebrate your upcoming marriage with colleagues and close-ish acquaintances that you really don’t feel like paying $50 a meal for later down the track… so getting a professional to give you a hand with these is a much smoother process! Checkout our favourite invitations going around right now <3 (email us to customise!)



The catering aspect of an engagement party really depends on how you want the night to go. If you are looking to keep things formal then a sit down dinner with a few courses is the way to go. If you are thinking a bit more of a casual or ‘cocktail’ approach then finger food works a treat. Something really trendy at the moment is creating a ‘fancy centerpiece’ out of nobbles and antipasto that really just involves dumping huge amounts of all the goodies in the middle of the table!


Whatever you decide, as long as there is good food, good wine and good friends it will be the best night of your life! …until the wedding that is 😉