Wedding Stationery For Destination Weddings


Planning a destination wedding is always difficult but the reward of an amazing location or being able to collect together all of your closest friends and family is obviously priceless.

Choosing a destination wedding takes some of the stress out of wedding planning as most resorts offer wedding packages.

However it is important to remember that you’ll need to provide the personal touches yourself.

One of the most personal parts of any wedding is the wedding stationery.

Unlike other wedding accessories it’s incredibly easy to transport wedding stationery to any location.

Here are 5 pieces of wedding stationery you need for a destination wedding:


#1.Personal Invitations


Wedding invitations are the first point of contact with your guests, so you need to set the right tone and style.

Great invitations are important for a destination wedding as you want to impress your guests and show that your wedding is worth the trip they are making!

Try to make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd and choose personal designs that represent you and your personal style.

Buying bulk packs of invites from Kmart may save you some dollars but it can cheapen the look of your whole wedding and will hardly excite your guests when they land on their welcome mat.

If you’re planning a small wedding you could even consider personal invitations for each guest, this shows that you are thinking of them and that you are excited for their involvement




Unlike a traditional wedding where everyone has a clear idea what’s going on, a destination wedding can be a bit daunting for guests especially elderly relatives or guests who are unfamiliar to the location.

Think about including an information pack in your wedding invitation to make sure everyone is comfortable with your plans.

Adding a map, a local rough guide or a quick and easy phrasebook of the local language is a great way of making your guests feel more involved and less nervous.

If guests are travelling with children include all the kid friendly information you can think of to minimize the stress of travelling with little ones.

Including information in your wedding invitation also has the added bonus of limiting the amount of awkward emails and questions you’ll receive from confused friends.


#3. Seating Plan


Seating plans can make or break a wedding.

For destination weddings seating plans take a little more work as it’s likely you’ll have a very mixed guest list.

Break the ice between your guests by having a unique and personal seating plan for them to check out before they get seated.

Include artwork, photographs or quotes in your seating plan to give guests something to talk about.


#4. Table decorations


One of the most personal touches to a wedding are the decorations which sit with your guests on the table.

Table numbers and place settings are the most Instagramed piece of wedding stationery.

If you want your wedding to look great on social media it’s worth taking the time to organise some personalised place settings.

Most resorts or wedding venues will only provide basic table settings which will probably just be printed in a simple desktop font on folded card, if you want something more individual you’ll need to bring your own along.

It may seem a lot of fuss for a tiny thing but remember that your guests will be sitting, looking at your table decorations for most of the day

#5. Thank you cards


If your guests have traveled across the globe for your wedding the least you can do is send a thank you card.

The biggest mistake any couple can make is to not be grateful for their guest’s involvement in their wedding.

Remember to be thoughtful and don’t forget to send out personal thank yous!


Planning any wedding can be overwhelming and destination weddings have their own problems and stresses.

The most important thing when planning a destination wedding is to take your time and make decisions based on what you want and feel you need.


If you have a destination wedding coming up, feel free to leave your advice or questions in the comments below…