How To Keep A Beach Wedding Classy

A beautiful beach wedding is the stuff dreams are made of. What could be more romantic than marrying the love of your life with the sand beneath your feet, the sound of crashing waves to calm the nerves and pretty blue hues as the backdrop? Not to mention how stunning the photos will be with all of that natural light! But while a beach wedding can sound casual, there are still a few key elements you can incorporate to keep it classy.

Be specific

When guests hear that you are having a beach wedding, they can automatically think that this means casual attire. When planning for a wedding of this nature you need to be specific when you send out your invitations that the requirement is formal dress! (See invitation ideas here)

Timing is everything

Be sure to think about the location and what time would be the best time of day for the ceremony to take place. Early morning or late afternoon are often best as the middle of the day can be too hot and too crowded! It’s a good idea to go down to the beach on the same day of the week you will be having your wedding on so you can see what spot has the least people and when.

Get Weather Ready

Any outdoor ceremony means you need to be prepared for the weather. Most people only consider what they will do if it rains. But what about if it’s a beautiful sunny day? The sand can get extremely hot so you will need to get someone to let the guests know when the bridal party is arriving so they can wait to walk on the sand if need be. It is a good idea to have bottles of water at the ready too so no one passes out from heat exhaustion. White umbrellas are a nice touch if you think people might need some shade but don’t want an eyesore in photos. Be careful of tying long ribbons to chairs or the arch too, in theory they should look good but if the wind picks up it can detract from the ceremony!

Prep the beach

Have someone go down a few hours before to prepare the area. You need to make sure there is no unsightly rubbish lying around or sun bakers in your aisle! It is also essential that you put signs up to let other people on the beach know that a wedding will be taking place so that they can respect your privacy. Signs are a great way to let your guests know your requirements too, take this sign we made recently for example.

Beach weddings can take some extra preparation steps but are so worth it once these measures are in place! Makes sure you grab some awesome stationery from to keep track of it all!