does a live wedding painting suit your personal style

How to Decide if a Live Wedding Painting suits your personal style

What kind of bride are you? I promise it’s not a loaded question! 😉 If you’ve started planning your wedding, then you might have already asked yourself this and chatted to your partner about your ‘couples style’. Did you come across those fabulous (but sometimes very random) online quizzes that help you define your style? […]

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Capture your love through painting

Capture your love through painting

Capture your love through painting. Whats that? Capture my what through whaaat? Live Wedding Painting!! Thats what! Its super cool, has been gradually building momentum throughout 2019/2020 and is here to stay. So what exactly is live wedding painting? It’s basically where you hire an artist to come to your wedding, set up and paint […]

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Tips on colour mixing

My tips on colour mixing. For years, when I used watercolours, I was always disappointed with results. Everything has this dull muddy appearance, and I was unsure why.  At high school we were taught colour theory. There was the basic colour wheel, what to mix to make other colours and all about hues, tints and […]

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3 tips to watercolours

3 Tips to watercolours

Just a simple blog post today, but an important one!  When you’ve gone out, spent your money on the best, or nearly best watercolour supplies, and have begun your watercolour journey, you don’t want to come unstuck by making a few rooky errors..  So here I’m sharing some basic tips to keep in mind when […]

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why are some people not creative?

Why are some people not creative?

Creativity, noun, the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.  Being creative means taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears. It means breaking with routine and doing something for the sake of doing something.  So, the above statements are not what most NON CREATIVE people would describe creativity. It’s a common misconception […]

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2020 has been a @*%$ of a year.

2020 has been a C*%$ of a year.   This morning on the radio I heard about the New Zealand bush fires. The radio hosts started the segment off by stating, “as if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, now this…”   It got me to thinking. Over the past year I’ve seen more meme’s and posts […]

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8 reasons why creativity is vital for your health and wellbeing

8 reasons why creativity is vital for your health and wellbeing.

While promoting, and even teaching my watercolour workshops I hear the same sentence said again and again, “I’m just not creative” or “I wish I was creative”.  Well, news flash… you are!!! Everyone has an element of creativity in them; it’s just been supressed over years of adulthood.  If you think about children, they all […]

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Creating watercolour invitations

How to create amazing watercolour invitations when you can’t paint!

You’ve seen loads of AMAZING designs on Pinterest, and you want to create something like it at home.  Or, maybe you’re a great designer; creating gorgeous invitations, but you don’t have those painting skills needed to launch a watercolour range.  Whatever the case, I can help you create amazing watercolour invitations without ever needing to […]

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Making a living as an artist

Making a living as an Artist

It’s funny isn’t it? no one ever seems to ask a Lawyer, Teacher, Landscaper or any other ‘standard’ profession if they have another job. Yet, as an artist, I’ve been asked so many times if its my hobby, or if I have another source of income. Why tho??? For years I have called myself a […]

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invitation design

The passion behind your design

“I don’t want to spend much on stationery, after all, it just goes into the bin!” This is by far the best sentence EVER! ha!! yeah right… I hate it! True, many invitations do end up in the bin or the recycling. But many invitations are simple designs, bought from Vista Print, Etsy or some […]

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nailing that guest list

Nailing that guest list

Nailing that guest list Congratulations you are engaged WOOHOO, Pop that champers and yell from the rooftops. Now that the bubbles have settled you will be dying to get the ball rolling. A simple first task can be to start your guest list.  You can’t wait to share the day with everyone, but everyone can […]

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