Branding for your business

The start of the New Year brings a fresh new perspective, and what better than to use this to revamp the branding for your business. I have been doing just that, only with another business. Sunny Tree Landscapes is my current project at the moment, and it sees the introduction of a lot of new marketing products and branding overhaul.

I had designed the initial logo, which was beautiful and gets a lot of attention from his clients. However a lot of the marketing materials he was using, including the website, were not up to scratch and lacked that ability to convey his values and personality. Not any more! January has seen me hard at work on creating a new website, flyers, banners and lawn signs. Email signatures have been spruced up as have the invoices and directories. Sunny Tree has just risen up a level in design stakes!

While creating, I realised that so many small businesses do not have a definite brand. So what does it mean to have brand? And how do you achieve it?

Well, first of all it’s realising that a brand is not just a logo. You need a few other things thrown into the mix to create a lasting and successful brand that your customers can rely on. Branding is a process of building up positive perceptions of your business from your customers. They will decide to buy your product or service based on their opinion of your brand. When they see or hear your business name, it will conjure up an impression of your business from their memory. This could be from word of mouth and publicity, or from exposure of your logo and business name. Therefore, bearing these things in mind when branding, is hugely important.

  • Use your brand to convey your personality and values. Customers connect with your business emotionally, so being able to show your best attributes is a must. Perhaps create some business promises, that ensure the customer will be well valued and looked after throughout their dealings with your company. A quality promise or a price match could be an idea.  NEVER back out on your guarantees or promises.


  • Make sure your imagery is consistent. Websites, banners, car signage, staff uniforms, stationary and everything else included in your business need to show your branding clearly and consistently for maximum effect. The more the customers sees your brand, used correctly, the more effective it will be in helping your business prosper.


  • Make sure that everyone under your business knows your work ethic and values and lives by it. If you are not behaving the way you are trying to portray, the brand will fail. If you want to connect with the customers, and get repeat business, creating a trusting environment is vital. A little tip is offering something for free in every transaction with a customer. Whether it be a few extra shrubs for the garden, a free art card for the kids when purchasing a print, or their own greeting card of the photos they’ve had taken with you. It all counts, and all provides the customers with the reassurance that they are using the right business.


  • Repeat your marketing. Repeat your adverts. You may think you’ve already put your message out there, but it is never enough. Big business such as Coles, Nike, or MacDonalds continue advertising despite being so well known. It never hurts to put across your message time and time again. Use social media adverts, sharing tools, distribution flyers, and any other source you can think of. And continue to use them again and again.


By implementing these basic points, your brand could become a hugely positive influence over your businesses performance, creating a personality people will recognise and trust.

If you need any help creating your brand, or any design work for your existing business, don’t hesitate to contact me now to discuss your options.

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