Baby Shower Ideas


Depending on your style you might want to stick to the standard pink, blue or yellow depending on gender (and if you know it yet). But if you want something different, why not pick your favourite children’s book and theme it around that? Think of the possibilities; Disney Princess, Dr. Seuss, The Lion King?! Let yourself be a kid one more time!


A really fun and practical game is to buy some fabric paint and blank onesies. Get your guests to design some onesies for your baby! It’s a really fun activity and you end up with some pretty new clothes at the end. Make sure you organise somewhere to hang them right after though! Fabric paint can get a little messy and you don’t want to end up with smudged designs.

Gender Reveal

Something really cool that people have been doing lately is having a ‘gender reveal’ at their baby shower. The idea is that you go to the doctor and get your test results but you don’t open the card. Take the card to a bakery and ask them to make a cake in either pink or blue depending on the sex then cover it in a plain coloured icing! When you cut the cake in front of your guests the colour inside will reveal the sex of your baby. CUTE!


Since a baby shower is usually less sit down and more social, finger food is best! Think cute little cupcakes in a colour that either matched the gender or the colour scheme of your decorations. Party pies and little frankfurts never go astray! If you are a friend planning this for your pregnant friend then maybe remember to avoid things like sushi or soft cheese since these things can’t be eaten during pregnancy (You don’t want to tease the guest of honour). Exceptions can be made for champagne though 😉

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