Australian Wedding Checklist

The biggest problem with living in Australia is that half of the internet is totally unaware we exist.

If you’re planning an Australian wedding you’ll know how hard it is to find Pinterest boards that look right, Etsy shops that deliver without huge shipping costs and wedding advice that suits your ceremony.

An Australian wedding has its own individual perks and problems and it’s important you think about what needs organising.


Making a wedding checklist is an easy way to keep your plans (and budget…) in control.


Here’s our Australian Wedding Checklist: 


#1. Get Wedding Stationery Sorted Early 


Aussies like to travel and it’s likely a lot of your guests will be coming from overseas.

Make sure you send personal invites and as much information as possible to everyone invited.

#2. Plan For The Weather


If you’re planning a Gold Coast wedding you won’t have to worry about rain but don’t forget that sunshine can also ruin a day.


#3. Think About Fashions 


Australian wedding fashions change a lot and you need to be aware of what’s happening.

Nobody wants their ceremony to age like Muriel’s Wedding has so avoid having everything bang on trend.
Remember that great style doesn’t age so chose classic looks and accessories that match your own personal style.

#4. Use The Right Venue 


If you’re planning a beach wedding you might need to find a reception venue to use after the ceremony.

A venue that suits your wedding style and is practical for all of your guests is important.

Although it may be tempting to hold your reception in a trendy beach front roof bar but be mindful older relatives might not appreciate it as much…

#5. Pick The Right Entertainment 


If you want to show your guests a great time you need to mix it up and think about alternative wedding entertainment. Check out local musicians, artists and performers for ideas.


#6. Find Great Wedding Accessories


Great wedding accessories like personalised place settings or handmade wedding stationery can make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

If you’re planning a vintage style wedding handmade pieces can make your wedding look amazing.

#7. Have Fun With Your Bridesmaids 


Australian weddings are usually laid back so make sure you take the time to enjoy the day with your friends.

The best thing about modern weddings is there is less formality and you don’t need to stick to old fashioned wedding rules…

So if you want to have squad of bridesmaids to drink Tequila with you can do it!


#8.  Think About Flowers 


If you want to make a bold style statement, say it with flowers!


There are some amazing Australian native flowers which you can use for your wedding. Have a good look at different wedding florals before you decide what you will use.


#9. Get Social Media Savvy 


Every modern wedding ends up on social media so it’s important you prep your day ready for the Instagram posts.

Make sure you you guests can get some great shots by incorporating as many many personal touches to your day as possible.


And don’t forget to think of a hashtag…

#10. Make It Your Own 


The most important point on any wedding checklist is to make sure you are getting enough of ‘you’ into your wedding.

Take the time to think about your own style and how you want everything to look and feel.

It is always worth spending the extra time or money to ensure your day is exactly how you want it to be.



The most important thing to remember when planning any wedding is that you’re supposed to have a good time!


Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your day!


Let us know your wedding checklist essentials in the comments below…

*image by Orange Sunshine Photography and Film.