6 Bachelorette Party ideas you won’t forget!

You only get one Bachelorette party (hopefully) so you better make it a good one. Hens nights don’t need to be all strippers and other X rated activities! Here are some killer ideas to mix things up a bit.
A Slumber Party

Why not throw a good old fashioned slumber party? It will be just like when you were a kid! (but with bulk booze).  You can play games and have a pamper night. Such a fun way to celebrate your new found love with the gals.

Scavenger Hunt

This is a super good idea and one that you will never forget. You can even make the clues based around marriage and the couple! Make the prizes a little bit naughty for a fun twist.

Take a gamble

If you feel like getting all glammed up for a good day/night out then why not hit the races or a casino? Start off at a nice restaurant on the premises and then go for gold with your best mates.


If you feel like it’s not a hen’s night unless you make complete fools of yourself and laugh all night, then how about karaoke? Have a few drinks with your best girlfriends until your confident enough to get up on stage! You may want to put a recording ban out for this one…

Back to nature

Camping! Ok not so glamourous but if the bride is the outdoorsy type then setting up a little glamp camp in the bush with good games, good drinks and good food could be a total winner. The best bit? You can be as noisy as you like without complaints!

Drag it up

Need a little bit of the strip scene to complete your hens night? How about a drag themed party! Dressing in drag for a bit of fun would definitely be a night to remember. Then hit the clubs if you dare 😉

Whatever it is you come up with, as long as you have your besties by your side ready for a good time then it will be a night to remember!