iampoppy magnets



After half a year away on maternity leave, I decided to come back with a new product line. And thus the glass magnets were born. Such an exciting project, and they look perfect! I make them all by hand, so the amount of design variations I can have is limitless. They have been hugely popular, and I have now had orders for two separate businesses, for their own personalised ones.

I ordered two different sizes to being with, as I was overly excited and ordered some mini ones by accident! Happy accident however, as these have created the cutest little magnets ever! I sell these with 6 in a pack, as they are so tiny. Don’t underestimate their strength though, as these magnets can hold all you need on a fridge without trouble. I sourced rare earth magnets for these gems, and they are definately worth it. The magnets are so skinny and discrete, but definitely pack a punch when it comes to strength. The larger ones are 1 inch diameter, and again come with rare earth magnets. The glass cabochons are perfect for magnifying the prints, so even the tiny details are picked up and proudly displayed on your fridge. They are perfect for gifts, especially as so many of us cannot commit that much wall space to art, but may want a lot in our house. Finding other ways of getting art into the home is where I am focussing my energy at the moment, and magnets seemed the ideal place to begin.