Welcome to the Jungle



These three prints were created in 2012 for a little baby Owen. His new nursery was to be kitted out in a jungle colourful theme, and would I create some prints which would fit in. As with a lot of my recent briefs, this was a challenge as I was not overly confident drawing animals, especially feathers and fur! I started the first one after just completing my “Over the Rainbow” piece, which features some lorrikeets on a branch. I decided to run with that idea, and just mix up the birds. During the process of this, I was increasingly unhappy with the emptiness at the top of the image. This is when I decided to add some lyrics, and Guns and Roses was the first thing that sprung to mind. Perfect!

The second image came about as I was researching the different jungles animals, the tiger was one of the most used ones for children. And being a boy, this baby would definitely grow up to love the more fierce some ¬†animals. With the lyrics “Wild Thing”, the tigers pose just happened, and how lovely that it looks like he is singing. I kept to the same tree and foliage to keep the theme very tight on all three of these images. The third came about through the need for more colour. I needed to have something pop, like the first one, so that it would frame the middle piece nicely. Luckily chameleons can be all sorts of colours, so I created this one to match the blue on the parrot. The dragonfly was brought in to match the red on the parrot and just fitted nicely into the image, creating a unity throughout, of two animals per painting.

I love all three of these prints, and have thus decided (with consent!) to release them for general sale, so many little children can enjoy the jungle in their room along with baby Owen.