Miami Marketta



July saw my return to Miami Marketta after many months away on maternity leave. What a change! The whole place has had a makeover, adding a roof to the outside area where the band are, more tables and chairs for people to enjoy the food and drinks available and another bar selling cocktails. However, in order to make more seating, one of the rooms which previously housed around 10 art stalls has been forfeited. Instead we have been rehoused in the opposite shed which was actually the better side! bonus? er…. no. There are less than half the stalls that used to be there, therefore there is ample room for the few stalls that remain. Such a shame that the art and crafts part of the market seems to be dissapearing and food is taking over. I had heard that the sales from stalls had decreased last year with the introduction of the Saturday food market, but it seems that that was only the beginning! I hate to say, that I will no longer be selling at Miami Marketta due to this reason, the food market has well and truly taken over, spilling over into the Friday one now as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the market, I love the food market. It is quirky, fun and an great night out for young and old alike. However I am very sad to see that the arts have shrunk to the point I feel I can hardly call it an arts market. There is definitely no place for me there anymore as sales hit an all time low. I did have a great time there though, as the people walking through are so interesting and friendly, that I have always been attracted to it for that reason. I am sad that I will no longer be selling there, as it was the first market I ever took iampoppy to, but I will be going on a saturday for sure, as the food on offer looks amazing, and the atmosphere is still as good as it has ever been, and now its rain friendly!