New card range

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October 2014 will see the arrival of my new card range. Yet to be named, this range will consist of ten card designs, all based on recycling old projects into new ones. I wanted to come at this project with a newer, funkier feel, and explore changing the images I already have in my collection into something entirely different. These two are just the start of what I will have to offer, and I have loved every minute of designing them, drawing new elements and going through back catalogues of previous work to find ideas.

It first came about when I received a big delivery of all my old art work from the UK. Everything from when I started creating in high school until 2007 when I left to go on some adventures arrived on my doorstep to sift through. So many memories and ideas came flooding back, and so many drawings started but not completed. As I have moved on from old ideas, finishing these pieces seemed pointless. But reworking them into pieces I could use now seemed an exciting yet daunting task. I therefore gave myself a few months grace and got to work. I’m so happy with the creations I have finished so far, and look forward to what comes next. Watch this space for the new range release! Exciting!!!