Beach Wedding Checklist

While beach weddings do tend to give of a cruisey vibe, there is still a lot of organising to do! Like any outdoor wedding, beach weddings require a lot of extra thought. Here’s your beach wedding checklist sorted!

The hair and the dress

When planning what you are going to wear and how you are going to style your hair, make sure it’s going to be suitable for wind! A nice up do might be the go; you don’t want to be saying your vowels with hair blowing in front of your face.

A permit

Unfortunately you can’t just rock up and have an event on the beach without a permit! Make sure you get in touch with the local council as early as you can to organise one of these.

Beach themed stationery

Having your wedding invitations and RSVP cards reflect the theme of your wedding is a beautiful touch! Take a look at these Beach Blue invitations to get the idea.

Clear signage

Since your guests will arrive before you do, clear signage is important so guests know where to sit and anything else you need them to know. A good idea is to ask for no phones to be used during the ceremony as this can disrupt the professional photos! You should also designate a place for guests to put their shoes to keep the environment neat and classy.

Backup plan

As much as you might not like to consider it, it is possible that it might rain. Be sure to have a good backup plan whether it’s another venue or even just some umbrellas for the guests to use. (Umbrellas are great for shade too if it turns out to be a hot day).


Be sure to think through how accessible your ceremony is. Is anyone in a wheelchair? Do you have elderly guests coming that might struggle? Provide water too so no one gets faint!

An exit plan

Given that the ceremony has already taken place at a location with a beautiful background, you might want some photos right where you are! This can be a little awkward to manoeuvre with all of your guests gawking at you. Make sure you have someone prepared to announce that the guests need to go to the reception immediately.