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I’m finally in the midst of creating my first Wedding Stationery samples! yay…

After my day at Ecostudio Fellini, I set to work coming up with some designs which I could distribute in the Bridal packs. I wanted to create something elegant which would be in keeping with the venue, but allow the client to see that there are many options available to suit their needs. After much searching online and wearing out my Pinterest button, I decided to come up with a sample pack which would have a few designs to show.

For the first design in the Wedding stationery pack I have decided to go with an elegant cream invitation with a peach hibiscus design. I wanted a floral design, but needed to keep it to Australian plants so the client would feel connected to it. As the hibiscus grow everywhere around here and are so pretty and tropical, I thought it perfect for this design. Adding a few butterflies from the iampoppy stock library finished off the cards perfectly. To finish off the design, I will be printing them with gold leaf text. I cannot wait to get them back from the printers.

The second piece in the pack is the RSVP cards complete with personalised envelopes. For this, I have decided to go with henna designs as I am really into henna and using the designs in my work at the moment. It is such a pretty and recognisable style, emphasising beauty, nature and natural products. For the more hippy weddings, I felt this would be the perfect design to use. Ecostudio Fellini, as suggested in the name, is an eco friendly wedding venue, so using the designs that invoke all things natural seemed obvious. I love henna, the dye itself is a perfect way to adorn the body in a chemical free way. Using henna lipsticks, skin dyes and hair dye is something I love exploring, so bringing it into my designs is where I will probably been venturing a lot more in the future.

Lastly, I have decided to add in one of my place cards from the Mother’s day lunch. After all, those are what allowed me to pitch to that venue in the first place. I have changed it up a bit, and used it as more a informative business card, but it shows another string to my bow, using a vintage inspired design. I am planning on binding the pack together with a decorative paper, as yet to be sourced. I have a great feeling about this sample pack and hopefully it will open some doors allowing me to be part of bringing to life someones dream wedding. Can’t wait!!!

If you are in need of invitation designs, or any event stationery, please don’t hesitate to contact me today, and we can work together on creating your vision!

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