My Yoga Fix logo design and flyers:

My Yoga Fix is a yoga business by a  lovely yoga instructor in the UK who has recently started up on her own. I was honoured to be able to work on her logo for her and had a play with many different ideas and designs before we both settled on this one. The lotus is commonly used throughout the yoga world and is therefore clearly identifiable for the general public. I had offered a henna inspired design as well, and although it was liked, Mel felt it was a little too busy for a simple logo. She did however want to include it on her promotional products, which I also designed for her. With this in mind, I decided to include it in the letters of yoga, to add a little extra to the design, and create more of a tie between the logo and marketing products. I love the detail it gives the logo, adding an element of gracefulness and delicacy, which is so apparent in yoga. The hand drawn quality of this design adds a personal and inviting touch, also keeping the business grounded and at one with nature.


Creating the Logo:

To begin the process, I first sketched a few ideas for Mel to choose from, and work with me on. She decided on the simplicity of the Lotus flower, as it represents her business and what it has to offer. My Yoga Fix hold classes in Bristol, England after hours to centre yourself before and after work. Creating that calm amongst the usual busy working life is exactly what the Lotus flower invokes, the stillness of the water it floats upon and the gentleness of life as a flower.

I then sketched out the design using my stick and ink and added the colours and text on photoshop to give a more professional feel to the design. I then hand drew the ‘Yoga’ which I also coloured on screen. During the process of sketching, I presented Mel with the henna design which features on the flyers. She loved it straight away and wanted to incorporate it somewhere in the design. I therefore added that as a layer to the type. I used it as the main piece on the flyers to give them that extra artistic feel and tie the logo in with it perfectly.

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  • Project Logo design
  • Customer My Yoga Fix
  • Date Jan 2015