Sunny Tree Landscapes Logo:

Sunny Tree Landscapes is a relatively new landscaping business on the Southern Gold Coast. I designed the logo to be simple yet effective in accompanying the happy name of the business. I worked closely with Shane, the owner of Sunny Tree Landscapes, and made sure I designed a product he was happy with. The idea for the tree was inevitable, and using oranges and yellows for the leaves not only makes the logo bright and eye catching, but gives the customer the idea of having a natural sunny new garden if they chose to use Sunny Tree Landscapes.

Business cards and marketing:

After creating the logo, Sunny Tree Landscapes needed the brand to be consistent throughout its marketing products. I started by designing the business cards, creating a simple front, with the logo only. I reserved the back for all the information needed, to keep the look clean and minimal. I then went on to create banners, car signage and work shirts for the staff. In some of the designs, such as the banners and the shirts, the background was grey, and therefore the type and logo had to be amended to work with this.

Recently I have worked with Sunny Tree Landscapes again, creating lawn signs that can be erected when a job is in progress. I have also created flyers to promote his business further and have been creating online adverts.


The latest project I have worked on has been the complete makeover of his website. He wanted to bring his website in line with his new logo, and create a site that promoted his branding more, making him more recognisable. I used the stones throughout his branding for the background, and used the colours in the logo for the buttons. I introduced new pages, such as tip of the month, and the information pages providing customers with a deeper knowledge of the services he offers. Overall, the website was a success, and hopefully will continue to promote his business and brand long into the future.