LOV – Living Oil Village

LOV – Living Oil VIllage is a distributer of Young Living essential oils. She contacted me to create a logo for her, as her demographic were natural living, healthy mums, and she felt a hand drawn, colourful logo would reach out to them. Rah (CEO – LOV) wanted to have the logo containing only the business name, but full of colour with an eco friendly feel. Creating the oil drop from the ‘O’ added that extra illustrative feel to the logo, as did the introduction of the leaves and butterflies. As I had to add the initials YL at the end, I felt these editions created a perfect way to tie it all in together, and the colours compliment each other really well. These are very natural colours, but the orange stands out, bursting with life, drawing the customers in with its vibrancy. I love the simplicity of this design and the fact that it is completely hand drawn with no added extras, something different to my previous jobs.

Sprouting Smiles

After the initial logo, Rah contacted me again to create more products for her Young Living line. Creating a voucher that she can use for her customers was my first project. She needed this voucher with a slightly altered logo, adding her name into the design. She has a few branches of her business where she sells to different clients with different products. For this, I had to create an extension to the logo, with her name, Rah. Sort of a signature, Lov Rah! I then had to change the Living Oil Village to Sprouting Smiles. She also needed three other extensions created with Young Living, Nut Milk Bag and Sprout Pouch.

  • Customer Rah - Living Oil Village
  • Date 2014